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For event, party or any personalised products, please order at least 48 hours before. For emergency order, please contact us for the arrangement.

Delivery service is possible in the region of Cote d'Azur for event, party or big quantity order more than 150€. There may be a delivery fee depends on the distance of delivery destination.

All products are freshly made and have certain method for conserving. Please contact us if you have any probleme.

For any questions or any experience you want to share with us for our products, please contact us 06 63 20 82 33


For professional company,  certain products are possible for free sample tasting. The delivery fee will be charged for your tasting products.

For professional clients in the region Côte d'Azur, delivery is possible by our own delivery system. 25€/delivery will be charged on your reciept.

For professional clients outside of PACA, delivery will be organized by Chronofresh, clietns will take 100% charge for the delivery fee.


Professional clients can benefit a 10% discount on all the product. And with the quantity and frequency of the orders, the discount can be changed

We do not accept the order within less than 24 hours . All the professional products will only be done 48 hours after the preorder. 


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